About us

Welcome to Internet Exchange. We operate 19 centres in the UK of which 15 are in public libraries and 4 on local high streets.

Internet Exchange provides three core services:

Training. Internet Exchange offer a broad range of training opportunities to all members of the community. Working with Government, we are able to offer the very best available training at little or no charge to the learner. Our network of training centres are located through the public library network. Each year, Internet Exchange enroll more students than any College or university in the UK. This fact supports our belief that Public Libraries are one of the country’s leading educational resources.

Access. We provide a store network across the UK where customers can use our PCs to access the internet, do their email, write CVs or just use the software for whatever work they need to do. Our stores are designed to be more welcoming, more comfortable and more accessible than any other operator in the market.

Media. Our network offers access to a huge audience. The unique nature of our Public Library based network allows Government and organisations the ability to communicate with a massive representational audience. We can manage campaigns with simple messages through to in-depth interactive research projects.

The one consistent element in all of these is our staff. Both our clients and our customers value the input of trained and enthusiastic staff and it is that interaction which distinguishes us from the competition in each of the sectors in which we operate.